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TMR full mix food preservative - Chang Antai

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TMR full mix food preservative

High end compound microecological nutrient solution

At present, the technology of total mixed ration (TMR) has been gradually adopted by many farms. One is to modernize the scale of breeding, and the other is to increase labor productivity greatly. For example in the feeding of dairy cows, the crude material, fine materials, minerals, vitamins and other additives are fully mixed, prepare a complete feed, sent by the issuing vehicle, cattle scattered ad libitum. However, it is regrettable that the mixed diet (TMR) can not be stored steadily, and the feed is very easy to produce heat quickly and spoilage. The mixed feed in TMR is very easily spoilage. In mixing, frequent contact between feed mixer and air can prompt rapid propagation of yeasts and molds, resulting in loss of feed nutrients. Palatability is reduced. Dairy intake decreases, resulting in a corresponding decline in milk production.
Energy rich feed is habitat for microorganisms including yeast preference. In total mixed ration feeding group individual mixture components often have different health conditions. They may contain harmful microorganisms such as yeasts and molds. These bacteria by stirring mixer will be evenly distributed in the feed in silage and whole. Mixed ration feeding group in these organisms will multiply rapidly and through aerobic respiration consumes the residual sugar. In the warm summer especially feed will thus quickly heat (caused by heat stress in livestock). Its nutritional value will be a serious loss. The mixture with low nutrients. The livestock do not like, or refuse to reduce food intake, which results in animal production decline, metabolic disorder.
Objects can be synthesized large amounts of B vitamins and nutrients and other substances, including lactic acid bacteria can produce lactic acid and bacteriocin, can inhibit or kill harmful bacteria. Beneficial bacteria breeding; yeast in favor of vitamins and physiologically active substances, increase the bacteria activity, Chang Antai (dope) mixed with feed and water into animal intestines Dubai, bacteria have become a dominant species and strong gut, inhibit and kill pathogens, at the same time a large number of amino acids, protein synthesis and secretion, vitamins, enzymes, bacteriocin, growth factors and other nutritional and immune substances, to adjust and improve the animal's body organs function, improve the feed conversion rate immune nutrition, growth, and stimulate other effects on animal body, to prevent and cure diseases, improve the survival rate, promote the growth and reproduction, drop Low cost to increase production, eliminate waste odor, purify the environment has obvious effect.
Using the Chang Antai TMR total mixed ration antistaling agent can effectively prevent the heat of fermentation, 48 hours of continuous feed to prevent spoilage and effective sterilization. This product contains active components, inhibit the growth of yeast and mould breeding, feed to keep cool taste, to feed two times of fermentation heat production without opportunity.

Summer can also ensure that the feed is cool and palatable

Little waste of feed
Excellent cost efficiency
Reduce the number of harmful microorganisms and their metabolites:
Prevent loss of nutrition and corruption
Effective inhibition of the growth and reproduction of the foothills two times of fermented fermentation
Simple and easy to use, easy to operate, friendly and friendly, safe and environmentally friendly

Main components:

More than 80 kinds of microorganisms, such as lactic acid bacteria group, yeast group, photosynthetic bacteria group, rich organic acid, amino acid, small molecular bio peptide, vitamin and bioactive factor, etc.

Component guarantee value:

The total number of living bacteria was 1 x 109cfu/mL., and the resurrection rate was >95%.

Product efficiency:

1. reduce the number of harmful microorganisms and their metabolites in TMR diet, and prevent the loss of nutrition and corruption.
2. highly effective inhibition of the growth and reproduction of two fermented yeast.
3. speed up the growth and improve the utilization of feed. Quickly settled in the intestines, and quickly grew and propagated in the intestines, significantly improving the intestinal beneficial microorganism level. Instead of antibiotics, it does not produce drug resistance and drug resistance, and has no toxic and side effects. It improves the output of animal products such as meat and milk, improves the quality of animal products, and applies it to the production of green food.
4., Chang Antai can improve the specific and non-specific immunity level of the body, improve the immune effect of the vaccine, improve the anti stress ability of the body, and reduce the production losses caused by the stress caused by the transfer group, vaccination and temperature changes. The probability of animal disease prevention and disease reduction is achieved.
5., Chang Tai can improve the intestinal microorganism in animals, help the digestive system digest and absorb food adequately, inhibit pathogenic bacteria and secrete antibacterial active substances.
6. the raw material of fermented coarse feed and cake and dregs, reducing the toxin content, reducing the cost and improving the palatability. Promoting the balance of bacteria groups is beneficial to the transformation and absorption of nutrients.
7. Aetna harmful microorganisms in animal manure can be differentiated, obviously remove Quanshe fecal odor, improve feeding environment, improve animal health (if drinking water and spray this product can reduce indoor ammonia 70% ~ 80%).

Usage and dosage:

Feed mixing in 1. total mixed diet (TMR)
Dilute the product to make it ready for use and then add it to the feed mixer.
2. irrigation
Newborn calves: each calf is filled with 5-8ml along the mouth; calves before and after weaning: 3 days for 2-3ml. for each kilogram of weight. Each bottle can be used for 200 cows drinking water or a ton of mixing material. 100 milliliters of nutritional diarrhea were administered once a day for two days.
3. water: 1:500-1000 times the original liquid to water for livestock and poultry. The sick animal per kilogram of body weight of 1-2ml oral solution, once a day for three days.
4. fermented mats: every 1000 square meters of 1000ml. spray pads and dung, cage, once every two days.
5. fermented feed: (crop stalks, silage, agricultural and sideline products and so on): 1kg Chang Antai and 1kg brown sugar (or molasses) water 150-200 kg, evenly mixed into 500kg raw materials to be fermented, sealed fermentation. Wait until the material is sweet and sour smell when fermentation is complete.
6. micro storage straw making use: every 1-2 tons with Chang Antai 1kg;
7. silage corn is made and used: every 10 cubic meters of Chang Antai 1kg;
8. yellow silage corn is made and used: every 5-8 cubic meters of Chang Antai 1kg.
9., cleaning the breast of dairy cows: on the basis of normal feeding of Chang Antai, and using Chang Antai's 100 times diluent to clean the cow's breast before milking, it can reduce the number of somatic cells in milk. For the dairy cows suffering from mastitis, after milking 50 milliliters of bacteria liquid soaked the nipple, then diluted with water 50 times scrubbing and massage the breast, 2-3 times a day.
10.: the use of spray deodorant pens in animal houses, walls, roof and floor drain thoroughly spray.200-500 diluted solution spray once every 5-10 days.

Matters needing attention:

1. often Antai is a living bacteria microorganism. It should be kept in the room at normal temperature and kept in the cool place to avoid direct sun exposure. The slight precipitation or slightly floating foam are normal, shake well before use. If the smell is not acid (pH below 3.5) or that rancid has spoiled, do not use.
2. after each use, cover the bottle cap and seal it.
3. production of probiotic diluents or active liquid is best used in well water, if the tap water should be placed for 24 hours.
4. it is best to add the same amount of red sugar when using normal Antai, which can improve the activity.
5. often Antai prohibits the use of fungicides, antibiotics and other drugs at the same time. To use this kind of drugs, the interval should be more than 12 hours.
6. when used in production, the water temperature of Chang Antai should be reduced to below 35 C to add.
7. shake well before using this product.

Customer use often Antai effect:
Added to full storage, sealed for 5 days without corruption,
And the smell is fragrant, increase the taste of the cow, stimulate the intake of food.
Drinking water: 1:500-1000 times the original liquid with water used for livestock and poultry drinking.
The amount of milk increased by 0.5 kg for 9 days.

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