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Special for Antai pig

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High end compound microecological nutrient liquid -- animal and poultry general
Enteric peptide (excellent)

This product is Shandong Jianyuan biotechnology limited company introduced the overseas import liquid, with fresh seaweed, spirulina, Xian Song needles, functional components of oligosaccharides, natural acid, vitamins, peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, Bacillus subtilis and chitosan amine as the main raw material, the composite enzyme fermentation, recombinant cells, using modern biological engineering technology according to the actual situation of the domestic aquaculture industry developed and refined high-end functional composite micro ecological nutrient rich Bifidobacterium agent and PH buffering agent, low molecular weight collagen, can make the animal intestinal tract in a short period of time (about one week) the proliferation of Bifidobacterium and immune protein, greatly reduce the harm caused by antibiotics, is the best choice for the production of pollution-free green food.

Product design concept:

  Changan peptide (dope) is highly active microbial agents, mainly containing lactic acid bacteria group, yeast group, photosynthetic bacteria group composed of more than 80 kinds of microbes, as Tiger Balm in biology, can synthesize large amounts of B vitamins and nutrients and other substances in the animal body, which can produce lactic acid and lactic acid bacteria can be inhibited and bacteriocins. Kill harmful bacteria, beneficial bacteria breeding; yeast in favor of vitamins and physiologically active substances, increase the bacteria activity, an intestinal peptide (liquid) mixed with feed and water into the animal intestinal bacteria, together to form a strong and dominant species of intestinal tract, inhibit and kill the pathogen group. At the same time the secretion and synthesis of a large number of amino acids, protein, vitamins, enzymes, bacteriocin, growth factors and other nutritional and immune substances, to adjust and improve the body organs of animals The function, increase the feed conversion rate, immune, nutrition, and other growth stimulating effect on livestock and poultry, to cure diseases, improve the survival rate, promote the growth and reproduction, reduce costs, increase production, eliminate waste odor, purify the environment has obvious effect.

Product composition:Lactic acid bacteria group, yeast group, photosynthetic bacteria group, rich organic acid, amino acid, small molecular biologic peptide, vitamin, bioactive factor and so on more than 80 microorganisms.

Guarantee value of active bacteria composition:The total number of living bacteria was 1 x 109cfu/ml, and the resurrection rate of the bacteria was > 95%.

Product applicable object:

It is suitable for cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and other domestic animals, such as fox, mink, deer, pigeon, quail and other special breeding animals, as well as dogs, cats and other pets.

Product efficiency:

1. speed up the growth and improve the utilization of feed. Rapidly colonization in the intestines and rapid growth and reproduction in the intestine, significantly improve the level of intestinal beneficial microorganisms, instead of antibiotics, do not produce drug resistance and drug resistance, no toxic side effects. To improve the production of meat and milk and other animal products, improve the quality of animal products for green food production.
2. intestinal Antai can improve the specific and non specific immune level of the body, and improve the immune effect of the vaccine. Improve the body's ability to resist stress, reduce the production losses caused by stress caused by transfer group, vaccination and temperature changes, and achieve the probability of animal disease prevention and disease reduction.
3. Changantai can be improved animal gut microbes, help the digestive system to full digestion and the absorption of food, inhibit pathogens, secretion of antimicrobial active substances, control of Escherichia coli, Salmonella and other harmful microbial growth and reproduction, effective control of diarrhea and other intestinal diseases, prevention of pullorum disease in chickens, can coccidia, prolapse of the rectum and yellow diarrhea, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.
4., fermented roughage, cake and residue can reduce the content of toxin, reduce the cost, improve palatability and promote the balance of flora, which is beneficial to the transformation and absorption of nutrients.
5. Changantai can be harmful microorganism differentiation of animal feces, obviously remove fecal odor pens, improved feeding environment, improve animal health (if drinking water and spray this product can reduce indoor ammonia 70 ~ 80%).

Product specification:1000ml * 20 bottles / boxes

Quality guarantee period: 12 months

usage and dosage:

1. control of diarrhea
Newborn piglets: each piglet was filled with 2 - 3ml along the mouth.
The piglets below 20kg: each kilogram of weight was given to 3ml for 3 days.
20kg or above: each kilogram of weight was given to 2ml for 3 days.
Each bottle can be used for 200 cows or 1 tons for mixing.
The nutritional diarrhea 100ml was administered 1 times a day for 2 days.
2. drinking water: liquid water 1:500 - 1000 times for livestock drinking water, the sick animal per kilogram of body weight 1 2ml oral liquid, 1 times a day for 3 days.
3. fermented mats: every 1000 square meters of this product 1000ml, spraying pads and manure, cage, 1 times every 2 days.
5.: the use of spray deodorant pens in animal houses, walls, roof and floor drain thoroughly spraying, spraying 200 - 500 times dilution 1 times every 5 - 10 days.
6. other specific use methods consulted the company's business staff.

Matters needing attention:

Mix well with feed and use it as soon as possible. So as not to be dampened.
The long-term effect is good. In the process of use, feeding management, disease control and vaccination are not affected.
The storage environment is put in the place of ventilation, moisture, moisture and light, so as to avoid mixed storage with toxic and harmful substances. .

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